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“The art of beat-making is an essential component that allows the music industry to accelerate forward each year. All though overlooked at times by fans of the culture, the producer is the most vital key needed when it comes to driving a track up the charts.

MaseratiSparks, the music producer from Long Island, New York, has been doing just that for the past 14 years. In 2006, Maserati decided to bank a small investment on himself and purchased his first 8-track Casio keyboard. Shortly after, he made an executive decision to link up with a friend of his to expand the whole music operation further.

During this time, he devoted every waking hour to perfecting his craft, making sure his sound was accurately on point each step of the way. His dedication and skill didn’t go unnoticed, as he landed more than a few industry placements with various mainstream artists (Jadakiss, Young Thug,YNW Melly, FredoBang, Chinx Drugz, French Montana, and Juelz Sanatana to name a few).

Today, Maserati Sparks is still on his beat-making journey but continues to expand his horizons. His next venture branched out to creating sound designs and sample loops for an assortment of sites such as Native Instruments, Sounds, Splice, Producer Loops, R- Loops, and even sync placements with NBA Live, Revolt Tv, and ESPN.

With a versatile and unique sound, Maserati Sparks overall goal is to inspire other producers to maximize their full potential no matter the obstacles they face. With a drive and inner-fire that will not quit, its clear MaseratiSparks is living up to his name.

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