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MIDI & Sample Packs are Royalty Free for selling beats which contain the MIDI / Loop files. This includes Leases and Exclusives online.

As for placements with major artists and or major labels, or Big Indies all samples/files must be cleared with the owner " MaseartiSparks" before seeking profit.

All files put out in kits are 100% owned by the creator.

A sample pack is a collection of sounds intended for producers to use to produce music. These sounds come in a variety of forms. Many musicians use sample packs as the basis for their tracks. Or to find that one extra sound that takes their track to the next level.

Sounds can be anything from a piano melody, to a someone saying a phrase. There usually .wav files but they don’t have to be. Most are short, anywhere from a second or two to a minute or more.

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The reason we cannot provide refunds is because once a digital good has been sent, it cannot be revoked.

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Sample Packs volume varies, the number of samples is always in the packs description.

The creator  is entitled to a royalty/performance split percentage if the beat gets placed with a major artist and/or major label or big indie. As for producers uploading beats using the sounds,  MaseratiSparks must be credited as co-producer.

Yes, but certain mobile devices can have compatibility issues when downloading the files directly to the phone. It is advisable to download the files to your desktop or laptop using the link in the confirmation email you’ll receive after a successful checkout. Don’t worry if you navigate away from the order summary page on your phone, you’ll be linked back to it in the email to get your files

I am always pleased to hear from experienced and talented producers and sound designers. If you want to work with just send me an email with your work at

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