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A lot of producers get samples everyday from  producers, you are probably getting the same samples that they are sending to 10 or more other producers as well. If you want to have access to custom exclusive samples that no other producers will have then you have a chance to  get custom samples directly from me.

All you have to do is place the order and the quantity of how many samples you want and I will get to work on them. The turn around time is in 1-3 business days.

Make sure that you send specifications and references of the kind of samples that you are looking for so if its Dark Trap say I want 3 Dark trap samples like such and such artist. Be clear and specific, you can send youtube references as well. All  inquiries should be sent to

This service is non- refundable.

What you will get when you receive your customs samples ? You will get the wav, mp3 version of your sample or samples as well the trackouts/stems and the midi as well. So you can change the sounds as you please.

Take advantage of this opportunity.




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